Sales Management

Track Leads from start to finish – and at every stage between – with Open CRM‘s complete sales management features.

Sales Management


Easily create a Quote direct from an Opportunity, with no tedious re-typing. Output your Quote to a PDF or simply email the PDF direct from Open CRM with just a few clicks. See which Quotes are outstanding, and have Open CRM remind you when a Quote is due to expire.


Track Leads from their initial creation right the way through to a prospective Opportunity, giving sales people the tools to track and follow up their enquiries effectively. Created Leads through affiliate websites, your own contact us/enquiry web forms, or via inbound emails.

Grade your leads

Rate your Leads using whichever labels you chose and view them based on these weighted values. Once the Lead hits a trigger point, defined by you, you can move them quickly and easily through the next stage in your sales process.


Build Campaign lists using custom views & searches, and then action these lists by sending emails, creating Activities for telemarketing, or producing merged mailable documents.

Visualise your sales

In one click, get a graphical view of your sales pipeline for the month or year and easily scroll through the individual pipelines of your entire sales team.

Information at your fingertips

Track the expected revenue generation as part of your pipeline management, simply record expected revenue and the dates that this revenue is due. You can also produce revenue reports to reflect the true cash expectations of your sales deals, not just the win values.

Automate your sales process

Once a Quote has been generated, you can set Open CRM to automatically update the Opportunity value and sales stage to ensure the information you’re seeing is accurate, no matter where you are in the system.

Full integration

Your Quote module is fully integrated with your Product database, allowing you to add Product line times, as well as track buy prices, sales prices, and margins.