Keeping a Cool Head in Sales

9 Sep 2016

Now everyone has returned from their summer break, people are starting to once again focus on their business needs and how we at OpenCRM can help. This is where the Business Development Team fit into the journey.

As Business Development, we are often the first person that you will speak to within OpenCRM and that is quite some responsibility. Our goal in our initial conversation is to see if we can help, to dig a little deeper and find out exactly what you need your system to do, to think about the things that you haven’t thought of yet.

Once we have the details we can then arrange an Online Demonstration and this is when OpenCRM comes into its own.

It’s okay saying that OpenCRM will be able to manage your Contacts, Companies and Activities for you. However, we have found it is much better for us to show you. You can ask all the questions you need: “How will that work for my Business?”, “Show me how a Quote can go to a Sales Order and then to an Invoice”, and “Can you show me where I could store this vital piece of information?”

Our overarching goal is to help make sure that your CRM system is fits into your business and NOT try to force your business to fit into your CRM.

Once you have decided that OpenCRM is the solution for your business, we will sort the paperwork and recap on exactly what it is that you require. Once agreed, I will meet with your Project Manager and brief them with what we have discussed so they can create your Project Plan.

It may be that you have decided to subscribe to our vanilla system and just want to get up and running, your Project Manager will be there to ‘ hold your hand’ when needed.

If you have decided that you would like us to help you with some Configuration, Training and /or Development, your Project manager will be there each step of the way.

Once you are all up and running and your Project is all signed off, you will be passed back over to me in my role as your Account Manager. I’m there to look after you on a day to day basis. You might want some more training, some additional configuration, or just some advice.

Whichever one it is we will be at the end of the phone or ready to receive your email.