Keeping all your ducks in a row with Activities

6 Jul 2017

It’s good to be busy right? Let’s face it we would all be worried if we had nothing to do.

However the knock on effect of being busy is the number of ‘Things to do’ will significantly increase, so how do we stay on top of this?

Here at OpenCRM we have two main ways of doing this, creating a ‘To Do’ list and secondly ‘Action Plans’. By using a combination of both of these we can make sure do what we need to do and we do it when it needs to be done by.

My ‘To Do’ List

By creating Activities in OpenCRM we can manage what we do and by when. An Activity is a Call, Meeting, Task or a note.

When I arrive at my desk in the morning, my default landing page is my Activities Module where I can immediately see the things that I need to achieve that day. I can segment the Activities into Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Notes.

There is also a clever little colour coding system.

If I am due to complete and Activity today it will display in green, if it is a pending Activity it will display in Black and if something has slipped through the net and you should have done it already it will display in Red. The Activities in Red will also display at the top of the list as you may have to give these priority.

Action Plans

Secondly we have Action Plans, which are a pre-determined set of Tasks and Activities, let me explain.

For example, when I receive a Sales Call I have a set of tasks that I need to perform within a certain timescale.

Here is a typical scenario…..

  1. I need to log the call
  2. Research the client
  3. Send out an E Brochure
  4. Make a Follow Up Call

When the initial inquiry came in if I were to select the ‘New Inquiry Action Plan, which contains all of the steps above they would automatically fall into the person responsible list of things to do. No need to create each individual Activity and you will know exactly when they will need to be done by.

This is all about ensuring your working day easier and making sure you achieve what you need to.

Let’s face it, you would be quackers not to!! ( you would be disappointed if there wasn’t at least one cheesy pun in there)