Mobile – Whats on offer right now?

19 Apr 2013

Access your OpenCRM data whilst on the move (or even whilst you’re sat on the beach with a Mojito in your other hand).

What can I do ‘out of the box’?

You have options that are baked right into OpenCRM, let’s explore some of these;

Outlook Addin – This lets you bi-directionally synchronise your Calendar and Contacts direct from OpenCRM into Microsoft Outlook. This works with Outlook for Windows 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 bit). If you are an ActiveSync user your data will be automatically synchronised from Outlook into Exchange and any compatible & connected mobile devices.


– Built into OpenCRM is a powerful synchronisation engine which manages bi-directional synching of Calendar items and Contacts with Google. This includes granular control over which users have permission to synchronise data and how this information will be managed. Including the ability to select specific Calendar and individual Contact folders.

Mobile Browser – Of course whilst on the go you can experience all of the features in your OpenCRM system using your mobile browser. Quick Create and Jump To components make touch access easy on small screens easier to navigate.

All of the features above are provided as standard within all OpenCRM subscriptions.

Mobile Framework App

(update for 2019 – we now have an App instead of a framework: check it out!)

Sometimes you just need more!

Being able to look-up the current credit limit of a customer with their outstanding balance, or clicking the postcode to view their location on a map just brings the data to life!

Having a list of your Opportunities and being able to update your ‘best guess’ whilst on the road, effecting your pipeline and forecasts with the minimum of effort helps keep everyone on the same page.

Having the most recent version of your data delivered to your mobile device, with up to date information with the flexibility to work from anywhere just got easier.

In Part Two of this series we will cover what is coming soon for OpenCRM subscribers.