The OpenCRM GDPR Webinars!

16 May 2018

 With the GDPR deadline of the 25th May fast approaching, if you’ve been out and about venturing in the business world, it’s probably something you’ve heard mentioned a fair few times. With a myriad of changes coming which effect businesses of all shapes and sizes, the new legislation has prompted many of us to review, change and improve our Data Security policies and procedures.

At OpenCRM, we realise that as a provider of a software which many customers use to manage their own data, we have a responsibility to arm you with the tools to aid in your compliance journey; and we’ve done just that!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to roll out new and exclusive features into OpenCRM to assist in some of the most complex areas of GDPR – it’s been about 10 months in the making and we’re truly proud of the end result!

To help guide you through it, our Business Development team have put together a series of short Webinars laying out the new features and how you can implement them within your business.

Let’s break them down…..

Data Retention

OpenCRM will be the key place to store stakeholder data within your business – our Data Retention Wizard is the ideal place to implement your Data Processing policies to ensure the data you hold is always accurate, relevant and up to date.

Right to be Forgotten

A key right of GDPR is the Right to be Forgotten, allowing your customers to request you remove their data from your system. Our Right to be Forgotten Wizard gives you an auditable and actionable way to implement your policy within OpenCRM.

It’s important that you receive and record the proper consent from your contacts that they are happy to receive your communications. Within OpenCRM, you can now create, manage and control the subscription lists you have within your business. Alongside this, you can now give your contacts the ability to chose which of those subscriptions to receive.

Total Overview

We’ve also got a much longer webinar that gives you a more complete overview of all the GDPR features added into OpenCRM.

For a complete (written) guide to GDPR management through OpenCRM, head over to our GDPR Info Page for our thoughts, resources and ‘How To’s’ for many aspects of the new legislation.

Got any further questions on GDPR and OpenCRM? Get in touch with a member of the OpenCRM team to find out more!