Version 4.1 is out in the wild

16 Apr 2019

OpenCRM Version 4.1 has been released! All new systems created from today will have it and all existing systems will be getting it soon.

If you want to know when your system is scheduled to be updated, please get in touch with your account manager.

But enough of the admin, you’re here to find out what great new stuff is included with Version 4.1.

This blog is really just a preview, so I’m only going to mention a couple of the more exciting things you’ll find in this latest version:

Timeline and Heartbeat

OpenCRM Version 4.0 was all about the update to our interface, it brought in a new sidebar, brighter colour palette, and a new improved Calendar.

But we had one interface project that wasn’t quite ready in time, so it had to wait until the next version. And that is our Timeline.

The Timeline is a panel that sits, hidden, on the right side of your Consult screens until you need it. It shows a few key fields and the most recent activity against that record.

And I don’t just mean Activities, you can see which Invoices were linked, Projects created, Opportunities modified, and so on. You can even display your record audit within the Timeline.

Each user can decide whether to see the Timeline all the time or only when they need it. This is done by pinning the Timeline. It is sticky at both the user and module level, so you may want to view it all the time on Companies, but not Leads for example.

You can read more about it here in our Knowledgebase.

Email Plans

Email Plans are a powerful area of the system, letting you schedule multiple emails with the click of a button. But up to now they’ve only been available on a few, selected modules.

This latest version of OpenCRM extends Email Plans into Projects, Leads, Opportunities, Helpdesk, Documents, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Events, and Campaigns.

You can also now include PDFs within your Email Plans, set your own run date, and set your Email Plans to be triggered based on a polling process. (If you aren’t sure what any of that means, check out our FAQ on Email Plans.)

And those are all exciting developments, but our final extension to Email Plans is really exciting:

When we added Email Plans to our Campaigns and Events modules, we realised that both of these modules could have many different TYPES of people linked to them. And so now you can configure your Email Plans to send different emails to different groups of people linked to these records.

For example, you could send one email to a Campaign and then send different follow up emails depending on whether a recipient clicked through or not!

How awesome is that?

The full Release Notes can be found on our Portal if you’re interested in reading them.