TT – Using JotForm to record information while you’re offsite

Sometimes you just don’t have any way to get online, no matter how hard you try. Disaster, right? Wrong! If you still need to add new records to your cloud CRM system, all is not lost.

In this Tuesday Tip, Tom is going to cover how you can use JotForm’s offline forms to give your engineers and other offsite personnel the ability to send data back to Open CRM. They don’t have to be users of the system and they don’t even have to be online when inputting their data.

Once they come back into signal, any data they’ve entered get sent straight through to Open CRM, without them having to do anything at all.

As soon as it comes back into your system, your other users can interact with it, you can trigger workflow and action plans, and basically use it just like any other record. Because it is just like any other record.

It was just created offline.


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