What’s Next? Another Giant Step!

6 Aug 2018

Today’s blog post will look at how you and your organisation might want to extend the use of your CRM system beyond your current focus and see how this flexible business tool can benefit you in ways you may not have imagined.

You know when a new band bursts onto the music scene with a debut record that blows peoples minds? Or a previously unknown author emerges with a huge bestseller. Each of them has poured years of work into their craft and this labour of love has turned them into stars. But then the hard work begins, as they are expected to condense that creative energy into a much shorter space of time, and come up with a follow-up book or hit album within the next 12 months. What started out as a desire to express themselves creatively has effectively turned into a need to keep the money coming in.

So how do you keep that creativity going, and keep the magic that convinces you to write another page of words or another killer chorus?

The same can be said of your approach to a piece of business tech such as your CRM solution. You’ve taken this software on board with a clear vision of the problems you want it to resolve and how it can make your business more efficient. A lot of hard work goes into that configuration, some trial and error as you file down the rough edges and design something you are proud of.

But once you are done what comes next? Do you just sit and rest on your laurels, or do you explore what else is possible?

I’ve seen many instances where a sales team has adopted CRM software to help put some structure into their sales process, without really thinking about how the post-sales support team might benefit from using Helpdesk, or how your business development team might want to connect with your client base to do some proactive account management. Event management, marketing campaigns, auto-generating leads in your OpenCRM system from a “contact us” form on your website, or building up your FAQ library to deal with both your internal and customer-facing questions and documentation.

So why not take another giant step and see how else OpenCRM can be of benefit to your business?