Why CRM Should be on Every Meeting Agenda

30 May 2017

How often do you review your CRM usage? I’m guessing it isn’t all that often…maybe once a year?

I can tell you that, here at OpenCRM, there is probably at least one conversation going on each week that involves us reflecting on whether we’re using our system as effectively as we could.

There’s always a process that could be streamlined or a new statistic we want to track.

Most of the times, these adjustments are tiny, the addition of a single custom field or picklist entry. Very occasionally, these conversations end up with the creation of whole new layouts or the introduction of a module that we’ve not needed before.

Either way, the question is always there, waiting at the back of each meeting room and lurking in the shadows of every group chat: how we will incorporate this new thing into our CRM?

Now, I’m being a bit disingenuous. We’re not really constantly thinking about how we shoehorn our CRM into a new process. It’s more that our CRM system is right at the heart of our business. Everything revolves around it. And it evolves with our business.

If we’re implementing a new process or tweaking an existing one, the only place for that to be recorded and carried out is within our CRM system.

The benefit of this is that we’re constantly considering how to best use CRM to make ourselves as productive as possible.

And it’s something everyone should be doing.

If your first thought when making a small adjustment to your process isn’t how you’re going to record this in your CRM, than your system will slowly become out of step with your business.

So next time you’re sitting in a meeting, talking about a “small change” to your sales process or the best way to track a particular statistic, keep your CRM system in mind.

You’ll be surprised how much your CRM solution will give back to you when it stays in sync with your business.