16 July 2019

15 Jul 2019

Enhancement to Mail Chimp integration

You can now send additional information from a Lead, Contact, or Company when syncing from OpenCRM to Mailchimp. This includes mapping information from different modules (i.e. Contacts and Leads) to the same field in Mailchimp (e.g. phone number or favourite colour).

It’s easy to do (see FAQ) and you can set up default mappings so no fear of having to repeat the process for every new Campaign.

If Mailchimp doesn’t already have a field to hold this information, it will be created when the recipient list is synced. 

Last but not least, you can now choose which email address should be sent with the data to Mailchimp and therefore which email address the Campaign will sent to. For example, you could choose to send to a Contact’s personal email address, but a Lead’s business email address…if you really wanted to.

Engage with OpenCRM

As you may have read in a recent blog, it is now possible to chat directly with the Open CRM team…right from within your Open CRM system!

Bulk Invoicing enhancement

When using the feature which allows multiple Sales Orders to be invoiced in one single Invoice, it is now possible to consolidate the product rows down to either a single product row or a product row per Sales Order.

Previously it was only possible to generate an Invoice which replicated ALL of the product rows from ALL of the Sales Order onto the one single Invoice.

To find out how to set this up, follow the instructions in this article.

Schedule Activity from Opportunity

It is possible to set the Opportunity “Schedule Activity” block to be expanded AND set to a pre-configured time frame by default.

This means that each of your users will be prompted to create an Activity for a set time in the future (maybe a follow up call in 7 days?) whenever they edit or create an Opportunity.

The set up is easy, just follow the instructions in this FAQ.

Automatically set the expected close date on Opportunities

You now have the option to automatically set the expected close date of any new Opportunity.

This is easy to configure (see FAQ) and gives you the option to choose a defined number of days, weeks, or months OR using a preset option, “Last day of the month” or “End of Financial Year” for example.

The end user can override the date if they feel that this particular Opportunity is likely to close sooner or later, but you can help take the guesswork out of it for them.

New Ticket? New button

A “New Ticket” button has been added to the consult screens of both Companies and Contacts.

So now, not only can you easily create a new Ticket straight from a Contact or Company record. You can also map fields across from a Contact or Company, straight to the body of a Ticket.

As with other record conversions, if you map Contact and Company fields to the same Helpdesk field the Company field will always take priority if a Company is linked to the Ticket.

If you’d like to read more about mapping fields from one module to another, read through this Knowledgebase article.

Enhancement to Xero integration

There was previously a limit on how many Invoices you could send at any one time from OpenCRM to Xero. This limit has been removed and you can now send all of your selected Invoices with one click.

The system still parcels them up and sends them in batches of 50, but it all happens in the background.

Mapping to the Product Grid from the Supplier

It is now possible to map fields from a Product’s Supplier to either custom or standard fields on the product grid.

This can be set up by our support team on request.

Pop2OpenCRM Security Update

Pop2OpenCRM now uses latest security protocols (TLS1.2) when making connections to OpenCRM systems when importing emails