Adding Product Images to your PDFs

12 Jan 2016

When you are communicating with your customers and/or potential customers, you want everything to be as clear and perfectly branded as possible. This is one of those areas where using the email templates and PDF templates within OpenCRM can be so incredibly useful.

You know that every email sent from your system will use the correct signature and font, as well as the exact message you need to convey. Each and every PDF template will have the correct terms and conditions attached, your logo and contact details, and the precise product description for each item on the quote, sales order, or invoice that you are sending.

We’ve recently added a new feature to this last item, which will be available from OpenCRM Version 3.9 (which we’ll be releasing later this week): Product Images.

From V3.9, you will be able to include images of any product saved in your OpenCRM into the sales PDFs you send out to you customers and potential customers. 

Adding product images to your PDF templates is a two-step process (FAQ):

Step 1:
Drag and drop the “Product Image” field into the Product Grid on the template (remember: you must be an administrator to do this).

Step 2:
Upload images to your Product records. Ideally these should all be the same size (we’ve found 70x70px is the best size).

And that’s it, your PDFs will now be sent out with those images nestled alongside the product name and description.

Images on Salesorders
Ashley Tallyn
Ashley Tallyn
Although I originally hail from northern California, as soon as I arrived in Yorkshire I knew it was the place for me! At OpenCRM, I started out in the Business Development team, and then moved into compliance and Q&A because I love telling people what to do...ok, that's not the real reason, but it makes for a good bio one-liner. When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me tramping through the dales, crafting, gardening, or with my nose in a book.