3 Ways in Which OpenCRM Templates Could Change Your Life!

7 Feb 2014

We are gradually using templates more and more in our everyday life. From communication templates for standard emails, text messaging and phone call scripts, to Microsoft Office templates, and even website templates, these tools can aid the level of professionalism conveyed by a company and simply save you masses of time.

 In OpenCRM, there are a few different templates tools which could help make your life that little bit more streamlined and consistent:

        1. Email Templates – These are the most commonly used templates in OpenCRM and can be relatively easy to set up. Using the handy template editor, you can quickly get your company email design replicated on an email template in OpenCRM. Once you have this set up, you just hit the ‘Email’ button from any record, and you can quickly send a professional looking email to your Leads and Contacts. These templates can even be set up so each user has their own individual email signature, giving you that elusive mix of both personal and professional in your business emails.

         2. PDF Templates – PDFs are such a useful file type in the workplace, mainly because they are tricky to edit by the receiver, and so protect the sender, but also because the sender can assure that the styling of the document will not change when the document is opened at the other end. The PDF template editor is incredibly powerful, not only can you edit the style of your templates, you can also edit the layouts and content within.

         3. ODT and RTF Templates – These templates can be used to integrate with Word or Open Office. This sounds pretty simple, but the advantages can be massive. Think about all the documents and forms you send to customers using Word, now, with just the click of a button, you can merge any of their details out of OpenCRM, straight onto the document, ready to send. 

The system comes ready with default templates for all of the above document types. These can be a great starting point as can be duplicated easily, then customised to your specific requirements. The templates can be modified using a basic editor or by going into the HTML and CSS code, but if you feel you need a helping hand, do get in touch with our support team. Or, if you don’t have the time, contact your Account Manager as we do offer professional service to assist with setting these up.