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What is the best method of searching OpenCRM?

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There are many ways of searching for records in OpenCRM, please watch the attached video for an overview of what is possible.

Global Search

This tool is located in the sidebar, and searches across multiple modules. It is set to search the following fields: 

  • name
  • postcodes (both)
  • phone (primary office)
  • other Phone
  • fax
  • email (as of version 3.9.5)
  • ID
  • name (first + last)
  • assistant linked
  • email (business)
  • email (private)
  • postcodes (both)
  • company name
  • phone
  • mobile
  • home phone
  • other phone
  • fax
  • assistant phone
  • ID
  • Name (first + Last)
  • company
  • post code
  • email 
  • phone
  • mobile
  • homephone
  • ID
Sales Order
  • name/subject
  • company name
  • ID
  • name
  • ID
  • name
  • description
  • type
  • id


The results that are returned are limited to 100 records in each module by default.

Module Search

In each module the search panel enables you to search values on specific fields. You also have basic and advanced search screens, which are customisable. For more details see this FAQ:

Custom Views

These are essentially pre-saved searches, allowing you to build search queries to whichever degree of sophistication you need. A couple of examples are "All Contacts assigned to me in London", or "All Overdue Invoices". You can build views on every module, as a time-saving method of getting to the data you need, quickly and easily. You can choose between different views using the drop-down menu which is located beneath the Seach panel on each module. For information on how to create a view please refer to this FAQ:

Recent Items View

On many modules, the default view is set to show "Recent Items", ie records which have been created or edited recently. Whist this is a useful vies to see, it is worth remembering that when records have not been edited after the specified period, they will no longer display in your recent items list. If you have this problem, the following FAQ may help:!.html

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