The Core of CRM

29 Jan 2014

The core of CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is “relationship”. The building of a relationship between your business and its customers doesn’t start at the sale, it starts before then. Sometimes it starts before they even contact you. They might visit your website, see your physical building or hear about you from friends, family or colleagues who have had dealings with you. Everything you do, directly or indirectly with them is part of building that relationship. Are you, reader, a customer of OpenCRM? If not, then just by reading this we’re building a relationship with you, and you with us. You might not contact us for days, weeks or even months, but somewhere from reading this you might (hopefully) remember us and come to contact us. It’s not out of the blue, we’ve built some foundations there for you. If you are a customer of OpenCRM then by visiting us you’re, again hopefully, strengthening your view of us by hearing what we say.

Once the prospective customer does get in touch with you, that’s where you need processes in place to engage with them effectively and look to reel them in for the sale, and this is where a CRM system, like OpenCRM, can help. OpenCRM is a feature rich CRM solution which can help management of data right through the sales process; from processing the initial leads to getting the sale and making them contacts, setting the status of them as needed for easy data management, right through to raising quotes, orders and invoices and on to the helpdesk to help deliver a high quality after sales service.

A sophisticated CRM solution can allow you to schedule e-mails out to prospective clients at intervals which stimulate the sales process and help bring them in. It will allow e-mails to be scheduled for when they become a customer to check up on them and remind them that you do still care about them, and you are there to help. But why stop at e-mails? They can be so impersonal. Get a CRM solution to schedule a follow up call to see how they are doing, and all from just setting a contact to be a customer.

There are of course other things you might want to schedule; processes you want to automate; or even just some mundane task which soaks up more time that you would ever want it to which, with a bit of help, can be a button away. All of these things are possible with our advanced yet flexible CRM solution, OpenCRM. Contact our sales team or your account manager to see how we can help you further.

If you need more encouragement, see what some of our existing clients have said about us over in the testimonials.