Welcome to the Cloud CRM Winter Olympics

12 Feb 2018

A cloud CRM tool is based on a flexible, accessible database that can be used for your contact management, however as a collaborative business tool it is designed to do that and so much more. In today’s blog post we’ve picked out a few key areas – Project Management, Configuration, Data visibility and Reporting – taking you on a flying visit to South Korea to illustrate these features under the backdrop of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

You and your partners in the bobsleigh need to work in sync as you hurtle down the track headed for gold. Similarly any Project you are working on is usually a collaborative effort and if anyone isn’t paying attention you’ll run the risk of flying off the track. CRM Projects offer that focus, with Activities linked and assigned to a User so you can work in perfect tandem, seeing who is managing what and when.

Figure skaters incorporate a set of recognised moves – spins, jumps and so on, into an original routine. This works as a combination of standard and bespoke actions coming together to hopefully get a top score. In a CRM scenario, your business will use tools that are common throughout your industry, but you will want to tweak and customise the out-of-the-box software to make it your own. Just like the skaters, you follow an established pattern of data management, whilst making that customer journey unique to you and your organisation.

The key to scoring goals and winning at ice hockey is getting the whole team to work together, with the different players each playing their own role but ultimately pulling in the same direction. Just like a hockey team, a cloud CRM system offers all the users have that 360 degree overview of the customer journey and can focus on their role within that team. They know what they need do and where they need to be, whilst having visibility of team members. They know who is on the puck, and where it needs to go.

As well as watching the live action, everyone loves keeping an eye on the medals table. Stats fans enjoy seeing the lists, broken down into disciplines, gender, type of medal or even region – remember the 2016 Olympics when our very own Yorkshire would have ranked 17th in the medals table! Effectively these tables work in the same way as reports do in your cloud CRM system. You can grab information from combinations of modules and use a variety of filters to generate the information you need.

Hopefully you can see that a cloud software system means collaboration, customization and the ability to report and review your business as you pave your way to gold.