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How can I show emails in the history sub-tab of their linked record? Can I have emails I send to Contacts also show on their associated Company history tab?

Updated: 17 May 2022 21:24:59 OpenCRM::Emails

This feature allows the History tab for contact and companies to show the e-mails linked to the entities within the history tab. This was previously one setting in the system, but has now been split out to give greater control over which modules have the e-mails in the history.  The original setting is still in place for other modules which take advantage of this feature, such as leads, and a new setting has been created to allow e-mails from a company’s contacts to appear in the company history.

The Settings

The settings for this feature are shown below:

The first three on the list specify which records to appear under which history tab, with the fourth setting being the option which was there previously, and is there to support other modules.  A description of how the first three options work is given in the table below:



List company emails under history tab on companies

This will show any sent and received e-mails which are linked to companies under the history tab on the company record

List contact emails under history tab on companies

This will show any sent and received e-mails which are linked to contacts of the company under the history tab on companies

List contact emails under history tab on contacts

This will show any sent and received e-mails to a contact under the history tab on the contact record.


Setting this on a per user basis

Additionally, your users can decide whether or not they want to see emails under the History subtab. This will only affect the way they interact with the system and will not change the default options for any of your other users. 

When the "List emails under history" additional setting is enabled, the "Show all emails in history" option on all user records is also enabled. The user can then go in and override this if they wish. So, they are not able to override the setting if the default is OFF. Both the user and the relevant global setting need to be ON in order for emails to appear in the sub tab.

To enable or disable this, simply navigate to "My Account" in the top right of your screen and click Edit. There is a checkbox under Interface Settings labelled "Show all emails in history".

This is available for the following modules: Campaign, Contracts, Event, Helpdesk, Invoice, Leads, Notes, Opportunities, Sales Orders, Purchase Order, Personnel, Projects, Custom Projects, Quotes, Accounts, Contacts and Custom Contacts.

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