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Can I use Activity fields as filters on a View I am setting up for Contacts?

Updated: 31 May 2022 15:51:39 OpenCRM::Contacts OpenCRM::Activities

You can use a number of Activity fields as filters on a View on the Contacts module. This enables you to create a view such as:

"Show me all Contacts linked to an activity of the Type "Call" with the Subject "Initial Call Spring Mailing list" and Status of "Not Done".

This must first be enabled in Additional Settings, by ticking the following option under Contact Settings:

Due to the nature of the data that will be searched using this view, it will take longer than a view which searches on one single module, therefore you might want to switch this option off when not in use.

You can then start to create a view. For information on how to create a view, please refer to this FAQ:

And in the Additional Filters you can use the following additional Activity Fields:

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