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Am I able to search for records located by Postcode within a specific radius?

Updated: 31 May 2022 15:28:01 OpenCRM::Leads OpenCRM::Companies OpenCRM::Contacts

OpenCRM does not have an option for you to search for records, based on Postcode location, within a specific radius using features within OpenCRM alone, however with the use of a 3rd party website you can easily cater for this requirement.

The process overview is as follows;

1. Open up 3rd party web site and enter search criteria (postcode and radius/drive time).

2. Copy or download the postcode list provided

3. Paste this list into a Custom View within the module that you wish to find matches.

FREE 3rd Party postcode radius sites

Selectabase Postcode Tools

Business Map Centre

Here is a Step by Step walkthrough using Selectabase' site searching against Leads in OpenCRM, the process is the same for Companies or Contacts.

Go to and enter your postcode and radius - in our example we are looking for Leads within a 10 mile radius of our UK office.

Copy the results from the results area.

Note : With other third party tools you have the option to download the results, you would open the downloaded file and Copy the results from here.

Next, create a VIEW in OpenCRM - if you need assistance with creating a view take a look here : Views FAQ

We are going to Paste the Postcodes into the Postal Code VALUE field, see below;

Remember to select the OPERATOR 'contains'.

Note : If you do not need to retain these searches, if they are transient, you could use the same VIEW temporarily each time you need to search - label it something obvious such as 'Postcode Radius Check'.

This will return a list of Leads (or other records) that meet this criteria.


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