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I would like to add an image to an Email, how do I do this?

Updated: 18 May 2022 06:44:47 OpenCRM::Emails OpenCRM::Settings::Templates

To add an image to an Email (including Email Templates) follow these steps;

  • Expand the Editor Tool bar - Use the small arrow located just above the mail Email Body field

  • On the tool bar select the Image button

  • Select to either Browse the Server to add an existing image or click on the UPLOAD tab to add a new Image

  • If you need to upload a new image for use in this email and subsequent emails, select the Browse Button and find the image you want to use, selecting the OPEN option will add File location into the Upload box.

  • Select the Send to Server button to upload this image and set it as the image to use, this will automatically change the Image Properties tab and display a preview of this new Image

  • Select the OK button to add this to your Email (or Template).


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