What do your CRM and a Barn Raising have in Common – Organisation!

6 Nov 2017

CRM systems are all about keeping your business organised. And an Amish barn raising illustrations the importance of organisation perfectly.

I mean, have you ever seen an Amish Barn Raising?

I hadn’t until the other day when I saw a Time-lapse video of one….here for your pleasure if you have a spare 3 minutes 30 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsTB0HnM6WM (source Youtube)

So what does this have to do with a CRM system? Simple.

It’s all about Organisation.

If you watch the video you will see everyone knows their tasks and responsibilities, where they should be and when. They are all being efficient, making the best use of their time to get the job done. In turn allowing them to get other things sorted while other people pick up other tasks.

This is where the synergy with your CRM system comes in.

OpenCRM is perfect for this…

Scheduling Activities – Log a call, put up a barn! Create a follow up call there and then – a meeting or putting a barn door on, copy the notes through, no need to re input.

Linking entities together – Contacts and Companies for instance – keep Jeff Smith from Jeff Smith’s Barn Builders linked together so all contact and correspondence is in one place

No re- inputting of data – Straight from an Opportunity to Quote to Sales Order to Invoice, all your comes with you.

Schedule Reports – Have the management statistics and reports delivered to your inbox on a day and time to suit you, schedule to arrive daily, weekly, monthly it’s up to you.

Projects – What do I need to do from start to finish to get the job done? Log all time and actions against the Project. This also gives you the ability to revisit the Project to evaluate.

Helpdesk/ Tickets – The wrong size barn door has arrived!! – Logging this as an issue, what have you done to fix it, letting the team know it is being fixed and then that it has been resolved.

Barn raising and your CRM – not an obvious synergy, but the key to both is good organisation…and beards. They do have good beards! I think we need more beards here at OpenCRM…