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Open or Closed – whats goin on?

I took a look at a You Tube video published by The Intelligent Sales Club and presented by their founder Grant Leboff, called “The Open and Closed Question Model is Flawed.” Now, I really like this guy and the way that he...

by Graham Anderson17th July 2008

Salesforce Mobile on iPhone – NOT!

Just a quick update. Yes I admit it, I do road-test the competition and especially when it is in areas that we have software development being considered, and in this case I took a look at the NEW iPhone Mobile add-on. I...

by Graham Anderson16th July 2008

iPhone Heaven or Hell

It’s that time that I have been waiting for, the release of the 3G iPhone and guess what – no stock! So I installed V2 of the iPhone software, which actually gives me what I really need. Let me explain…… As an...

by Graham Anderson15th July 2008

Exchange by name but not by nature!

Microsoft seem hell bent on pushing Exchange as the panacea to all ills for small to medium business, but it just does not cut it for most organisations. Something that we get asked all the time, and therefore are seriously writing...

by Graham Anderson14th July 2008

Welcome to My Little Voice

Welcome to our blog. Its great to have you here. We wanted a place where we could explain the type of work we do, our goals and passions, the business journey and any successes we have along the way. We also wanted somewhere to hold...

by Graham Anderson25th June 2006

Give the people what they want!

On June 10th at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles, Xbox unveiled its new product the Xbox One. Controversy arose when details emerged of its digital rights management (DRM) scheme which required the console to check in with...

by Graham Anderson1st January 1970

Enjoy it while it lasts

The weather is so beautiful at the minute. I can see people walking their dogs in the grass just outside my window. They’re wearing t-shirts and enjoying the sun. Admit it, you wish you were working outside right now. Especially since...

by Graham Anderson1st January 1970