No Heroes Needed: Sales is all about the Relationship

3 Nov 2016

This weekend I am heading off to the Thought Bubble comic book convention. It’s geeky, but that’s ok, I work in the tech industry so it is expected.

One of the things I look forward to about attending a comic con is that it is always a laugh. You get the chance to talk to authors and artists who are just starting out and trying to make their passion into a career, as well as those who have succeeded in doing so.

One of the things I find so interesting about chatting with these two groups of people is how similar their stories tend to be. Both have the desire to turn this art form that they love into an income.

There was one conversation I had with just such an artist a couple years ago at this same convention that illustrated to me perfect sales-customer engagement.

I was walking through the crowded hall and ended up stuck in a bit of a human traffic jam. The nearest table was selling a board game that this man had written, drawn, developed, and produced all on his own. It was a fun, horror-themed board game.

Not normally something I’m that interested in, but the art was really nice in this case. Very quirky.

He saw me, stuck behind a crowd, glance down at his game and smile at the art style. We started chatting.

The conversation wasn’t forced and was, to all intents and purposes, just a chat about how the convention was going, what he did, and, within a few minutes, how the game worked.

This conversation was so natural that it never once felt like he was pushing me to buy or subscribe to anything. Even saying that, I ended up buying the game, almost entirely based on the relationship we had built in that 10 minute conversation.

No matter what industry you are in, people buy based on two things: their interest in or need for your product and the relationship they have with you.

If your approach is pushy and abrupt, you lose an essential element of that purchasing process.

Establishing a good rapport with your prospective customer, you get the chance to connect with them on an individual level. From here you can find out what they really and talk about how your product can achieve this.

It really is the most basic sales lesson: when you get right down to it, selling is just a conversation between two people.

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